Social media marketing is not exactly new, but it’s definitely come of age as a discipline of its own and a vital marketing strategy for just about any business. And that includes timeshare resorts.

This is why we are launching RDO Digital as a platform where you RDO members and your staff can come together, talk social media marketing, get expert advice and also benefit from each other’s knowledge, ideas and experiences.

Please follow this blog, say hello on the RDO Digital LinkedIn group, and let’s get cracking that social media marketing nut.

Our overarching goal is to help RDO members get up to speed with social media marketing and to work together to reach out to a wider audience and promote timeshare in Europe.

Why social media?

There are a ton of reasons, of course, and maybe the main one is that it’s all well and good to have a website or a blog, but there’s a limit to the amount of credibility and reputation they can build for your resort. After all, your site and your blog are really just your company blowing its own trumpet.

But when it is other people – your owners and guests – singing your praises on the social media, posting positive things about you, sharing your content and liking it, that’s another thing altogether. All those little endorsements from your fans add up into a powerful show of force in your favour. And when people hear good things about your resort from their friends, they’ll believe it much more than if you said the same thing yourself.

Another important reason timeshare resorts have to take social media seriously is that our owners are using it. For example, it is becoming increasingly common for guests staying at a resort to complain about any issues on the resort’s Facebook page, rather than speaking to the front desk.

This means issues that used to be private are now out in the open and you will need to keep a watchful eye 24/7 to detect them, reply and resolve them as soon as possible, and finally post about how you solved the problem and made your owner happy.

Join RDO Digital – timeshare social media made easy

We are delighted that some of you have been busy with social media marketing and are seeing encouraging results from your efforts. We also know that, unfortunately, other members haven’t had the same measure of success.

The thing is social media best practices keep evolving and changing and it can be difficult and time consuming to keep up with the game. RDO Digital is designed to make it all easier by doing the spadework for you and supporting you as you go along.

Look out for all sorts of social media marketing tips and training on this blog and also in a forthcoming newsletter that will be launching very soon.

Also, join the RDO Digital LinkedIn group, and meet up to share experiences, discuss ideas, tips and social media strategies, and learn from the experts.

See you there!