For your company or personal brand to be noticed these days, it is vital to produce and share valuable digital content. Valuable content is what sets apart an outstanding brand from a mediocre one, and can make a huge difference in terms of the visibility and engagement your brand receives online, which often has a direct effect on sales growth.

It has been shown that brands that invest in producing valuable content gain far greater engagement through their social media channels, blog and website. This leads to greater brand loyalty and an increase in profits.

Valuable content has been around long before the beginning of the recent digital revolution. Companies used to (and still do) invest heavily in advertising in newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. With the digital transformation that has occurred in the last decade though, people are increasingly consuming media through online newspapers and magazines, music services such as Spotify, social media channels, and video content platforms such as YouTube.

This trend is only set to strengthen and increase as people increasingly switch from traditional to digital media via computers, tablets and smartphones. This has been fueled by significant advances in internet speeds and hardware capabilities. With advances in mobile technology, individuals can now view the valuable digital content your company creates from virtually anywhere in the world.

What is valuable digital content?

Valuable digital content comes in a variety of different shapes, sizes and forms with the most obvious being photos/images, videos, podcasts, and well written blog posts that integrate a combination of the aforementioned. These forms of content are brilliant for building an audience for your brand, as it is what people love to view online.

This can be shown in the rapid growth of blogs from both companies and individuals, video content platforms such as YouTube: “YouTube has over a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet — and everyday people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views.”, photography websites like Flickr which has had billions of photos uploaded, and the increasing spread of photos and videos on social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

One of the most significant ways in which digital content differs from traditional forms of advertising (print, TV, radio), is the potential for engagement and creating a lasting conversation. As well as being a form of entertainment and method of gaining knowledge, the content that people consume online very often has the option for the viewer, reader or listener to leave comments. People love to voice their opinions, and digital platforms such as social media give individuals the potential to have their voice heard virtually by the world.

Valuable digital content is therefore the photos, videos or blog posts which make those viewing it want to take the time to share them and leave a comment. It is this engagement and commentary that truly makes content valuable as it shows that on some level it has made the viewer feel something and created an emotional response.

Ideally their reaction has been a positive one which will lead to them exploring your brand further, and choosing to become guests at your resort. Even a negative reaction can be valuable though, as it allows your brand to learn what to do better next time. The worst reaction is no reaction at all, as the viewer has been left totally unimpressed or bored by your content.

Unlike a TV, radio or print advert which disappears quite quickly with little long term value, unless it is continually shown which is expensive, digital content can live virtually  online forever. This is also a big part of what makes valuable digital content, as the  more it has been shared and engaged with, the further the footprints of the content have reached. This creates lasting value and reach, thus attracting new audiences to your product across the world.

#GoShareMalaga media trip: an example of valuable digital content

Recently GoTimeshare, the sister site of RDO organised a media trip to Malaga, Spain, in which Simon Turkas, John Beckley and Siboney Tabares King  stayed at a beautiful CLC World resort along the stunning Costa del Sol, and went on a variety of amazing excursions. During their stay Simon, John and Sibo posted a huge amount of content across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Vine and used the hashtag #GoShareMalaga to increase the engagement and reach of the trip.

This was the live element which was very important as it created the buzz during the trip grabbing people’s attention, and highlighting to the audience all the exciting different excursions and places to explore in this stunning region. This live element can definitely be counted as valuable digital content as it had a huge amount of engagement in terms of shares, likes and comments across social media, thus increasing the brand presence for CLC World, the excursion companies and the region in general.

This even included live video broadcasts on Facebook and Periscope which increased the interactivity even further, as viewers could watch in realtime while the team were parasailing, taking a tour round a beautiful golf course, or enjoying a stunning sailing excursion.

Equally important to the live digital content during the trip, has been the photos, videos and blog posts that have been created from footage taken and edited later. The live content is valuable as it created an immediacy and interactivity during the #GoShareMalaga week which enhanced the excitement and buzz.

The more professionally produced media content which was later edited and then added to a series of blog posts ( has significant lasting value through the digital footprint that it has created.

This digital footprint and engagement can then be measured and studied so that your brand can learn what it has done right in terms of its marketing strategy, and more importantly how you can make your digital content even more valuable in the future.