25 years ago the world was fundamentally changed forever when the public gained access to the World Wide Web. The 23rd August 1991 was a momentous occasion as it marked the first time that the public were able to use the internet, the incredible global platform which connects humans, machines and brands all across the globe. As we know now, the initial doubters have been well and truly proven wrong. The internet has completely revolutionised the world!

The digital revolution continues to expand at an ever faster pace, as internet speeds increase exponentially and software and hardware improves at a staggering pace. Individuals everywhere in the world are streaming videos, music, audio books, games and a whole host of other media via their laptops, tablets and smartphones. What does all this mean for your resort?

The rise (and rise) of video

The internet is a fantastic tool that your resort can use to connect with both your current and potential future guests, through your resort blog, website, social media channels and online advertising. What has been increasingly apparent in the last couple of years is how quickly the importance of video is expanding in terms of promoting your brand though. Some indicators suggest that by 2019, 80% of all of the world’s total internet traffic will be video and a very high percentage of this will be accessed through mobile devices.

There are a number of indicators that suggest that video is taking over the net with all the main social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and most recently Pinterest moving into video. This has been facilitated by quicker internet and constantly improving hardware. This move into video by all the main internet players also reflects that this is where the audience is heading. Online video consumption is huge on social media; and then of course you have internet giant YouTube, the second most visited site in the world!

Live video-streaming

While video is vital in almost any digital marketing campaign, the latest trend taking the internet by storm is live video streaming. While live video has been around for over a decade with huge companies such as Livestream and Ustream, this medium has taken on a whole new level of experience and use. We now have the perfect combination of live video streaming mixed with social media.

Social media is a fantastic resource for connecting with your guests and promoting your resort. It is a far cheaper form of advertising than traditional marketing channels such as TV, radio and print, and creates a much greater ROI which can also be measured to a much greater extent. This is already the case with text, photo and video based posts, with live-streaming the next step in this marketing evolution.

How Periscope revolutionized the game

Just over a year ago an amazing new app called Periscope was launched, with which the founders aimed to allow users to experience the world through another person’s eyes.

“It may sound crazy, but we wanted to build the closest thing to teleportation. While there are many ways to discover events and places, we realized there is no better way to experience a place right now than through live video. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but live video can take you someplace and show you around.” Periscope website.

Periscope literally allows anyone around the world to tune into an individual or company’s own live television show. You can watch someone taking a hot balloon ride across Cappadocia in Turkey, a beautiful sunset in Florida, a jeep safari through the beautiful countryside of Malaga or any other number of amazing sites around the world. All you need is to download the Periscope app to your phone, watch from the company website on your computer, or even watch the live ‘scope’ directly from the broadcaster’s Twitter feed, as Periscope is owned by Twitter.

Facebook and YouTube have not ignored this phenomenon with both investing heavily in livestreaming. You can now livestream video directly from your Facebook page or profile, with Mark Zuckerberg announcing a host of new live features during a livestream broadcast back in April.  YouTube upped the ante when the company recently announced 360-degree live streaming linked with spatial audio which promises an even more incredibly immersive experience for viewers!

Why should your resort start live-streaming?

Show the authentic side of your resort

Live-streaming video online via Periscope, Facebook, YouTube and other apps and sites allows you to show an authentic representation of what it is like to be at your resort. These days with video and editing software such as Photoshop, it has become more and more difficult for audiences to know what is actually real anymore. Live-streaming eliminates that doubt to a large extent as it is much more difficult to manipulate. It is of the moment and adds a strong element of authenticity, as it is often unscripted and has the potential for unplanned moments. Audiences love authenticity and the feeling of immersion that live video offers. This develops a much greater connection between your brand and those watching, thus increasing trust.

Engage directly with your audience

The way that live-streaming is so integrated with social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube now, allows a fantastic level of engagement with those watching your resort’s live-streams. If you did a live walk-through of your resort for example, those watching can directly ask questions which you can answer in real time. It also makes your guests and potential guests really gain a sense of the experience of staying at your resort. It is a growing trend among guests that their preference is shifting towards real and unedited videos. Live-streaming therefore, offers the perfect solution for what viewers are increasingly demanding and gravitating towards.

Showcase your resort excursions and immerse your audience

This will be one of the biggest benefits for your resort to start using live-streaming video, as it is a fantastic showcase for the excursions that your resort offers to its guests. Of course the higher end photos and videos also have their place as these are what will be shared on a more long term basis and displayed on your website and blog. There is something extra special though about live-streaming an excursion experience such as a tour around a beautiful golf course, or a luxurious sailing trip aboard a yacht that really captures the audience’s attention. This was something that was tried recently on a sailing trip along the Costa del Sol between Malaga and Puerto Banus during a GoTimeshare media trip:

During this live-stream on Periscope there was a high level of engagement from people tuning in from around the world including the US, Canada, Germany and Japan. Those watching the video shared it directly on Twitter and added a number of different comments and questions. This real time engagement is fascinating to see as it shows how interested people are in these kind of experiences. The excursions your resort offers may be something your guests have never tried before and by showcasing it live you can really  tempt them to try something different. This is also amazing advertising for your resort as it shows all the awesome experiences that guests can have while they stay with you.

Future potential for live-streaming

The potential for live-streaming video is huge and becoming more and more exciting. Periscope broadcasts are now being shown from drones, with one example of this being #DRONEWEEK from General Electric. For one week last summer GE showed live Periscope broadcasts from GE-engineered drones flying at different locations across the US.

Imagine showcasing your resort live on Periscope from a drone overhead. Now that would grab some attention!

Let us know in the comment section below or via our social media using #RDOdigital if your resort has tried out live-streaming yet or if you are planning to. Don’t hesitate, start live-streaming now, your audience is waiting!