Like everyone else, your owners, guests and industry partners prefer to interact online with other people who look and feel like real persons, rather than just names in virtual space. This is why you need to get your staff to build their personal brands and online profiles as they get engaged with your timeshare resort’s social media marketing.

And Twitter is a great place to start because it is easy to set up and takes little time and effort to use.

Here are 10 steps to get yourself and your staff up and running on Twitter.

  1. Create an account with your name (first name and surname) as your personal brand Twitter profile. You will be using this account to interact with timeshare owners, guests and industry partners, helping them get to know you better both before and after you meet.
  2. Upload a profile picture of yourself. Choose a photo that looks professional, fun and friendly at the same time.
  3. Upload a cover photo. Use this space to express yourself, or start with something interesting like a country or beach scene if you’re not sure.
  4. Add details about yourself such as your interests (sports, reading, travel etc) to your profile description, to give your profile a personal touch. Also mention your role at your resort.
  5. Kick off your Twitter activity by posting 2 tweets, 2 retweets, 2 replies and liking 2 posts on other accounts.
  6. Search Twitter for other people, companies and accounts that are related to timeshare, travel, your local area, and so on, and follow them.
  7. The RDO Twitter list is a great source of good timeshare and related accounts to follow. Check it out and get connecting.
  8. Follow a number of different searches and hashtags related to your surrounding area and timeshare in general. Don’t forget #RDOdigital, #GoTimeshare and #TimeshareTuesday.
  9. Engage with your resort’s main Twitter account and retweet it at least once a day.
  10. Remain consistent and active, post tweets and retweets, interact with other people and businesses on Twitter. This is how you grow followers and gain more influence.  Naturally, be sure to stay away from sensitive subjects like racism, politics, sexism, religion and so on.

Cultivating a strong presence on Twitter benefits your own personal brand and also helps your
resort’s image and sales. This is both thanks to the greater reach that you gain with Twitter, andalso because your potential clients and business partners find real people when they google your and your staff’s names, which helps build a stronger relationship.