We’re making waves for timeshare on the social media.

Use these hashtags and join us!


Timeshare is all about fun, just like our first hashtag: #TimeshareTuesday.

The goal here is to enjoy ourselves a little, get to know each other and encourage resort staff to be more active on the social media so that the world can know us too.

On Tuesdays we come up with a fun theme related to timeshare and post away on Twitter, Instagram, and also on Facebook and Google Plus. Watch the blog for details.


The next new hashtag is #GoTimeshare, which we are using as part of our drive to increase public awareness and boost timeshare’s image.

Use this hashtag for general fun posts about timeshare, such as when you share guest photos or anything else that brings those delightful experiences to light.


And finally, we’ve got #RDOdigital, which is all about the world of digital marketing.

This one is for tagging those tweets and posts that are about getting a better understanding of social media, new rules marketing and the digital transformation, especially as they apply to timeshare.

Thank you for using these hashtags and helping us boost the image of the timeshare industry.