Here’s a question: does your resort have a blog? Or rather, is your resort investing enough time and energy into creating quality content for your blog?

Is you answered ‘no’ to any of the above, you’ve got some important catching up to do. Blogging has to be a part of your inbound marketing efforts, or else you’re losing big.

There are lots of reasons why your resort needs a well-kept and engaging blog that is regularly updated with fresh posts. Let’s take a look at the main ones.

Keep your owners, guests and everyone else interested and updated with valuable information

If you want to keep owners and guests interested in your resort and returning year after year, you need to keep them engaged and in the loop while they’re away. And your blog is where you post everything you want to say or show, so that you can then share it on the other social media.

When you update your blog regularly you’re telling everyone that your resort is buzzing with life and activity. Things are going on. Fun is being had. And of course you don’t only talk about your resort on your blog. You also talk about all the interesting things that are going on around you: festivals, special holidays, sport, local art, culture and events, restaurant and excursion reviews… whatever your target audience enjoys.

That way, you keep everyone interested and excited about your resort and your destination in general, and eager to visit or return.

Build credibility and establish yourself as an authority on your destination

Blogging builds credibility. You’re not just a static website. You’re real. You’ve got something to say.

As the posts build up, you’ll establish yourself as an authority on your timeshare product and (crucially for attracting traffic to your website) you’ll be seen as an authority on everything your destination has to offer.

That’s why it is essential to keep your posts varied, and not just about your resort. Only the very dedicated few will come back again and again to read about your resort. So cast your nets wider and reach out to everyone else who has even the slightest interest in timeshare holidays and in your destination.

Beef up your SEO and get found for long tail keywords

There’s only so much you can do with your website as regards having the right SEO keywords in place.

When you write varied content for your blog, you are automatically using lots of other words and phrases that people might be searching for related to timeshare or your destination. We call them long tail keywords because when you plot how popular they are on a graph, the graph stretches out and tapers off into nothing.

But while individual long tail keywords may not be worth much, there are thousands and thousands of them and together they drive a lot of free organic traffic to your website via web search. You don’t want to miss out on that!

Keep your website fresh, interesting, and attracting repeat traffic

Your website is static. It doesn’t change much. Your blog and your blog feed, on the other hand, are constantly changing with new and interesting content. Again, it gives your audience a reason to keep visiting you online.

Stand out from the competition and strengthen your online brand

If your competition is slacking on their blogs and you’re steaming ahead, then those are obvious brownie points in your favour.

But more than that, today your owners, guests and general audience actually expect you to have an interesting and regularly updated blog like they expect you to clean the pool, organise events and change the menu from time to time. Blogging is not just about keeping in touch. It’s becoming part and parcel of any public-facing business and par for the course.

Remember, your blog is part of your timeshare resort’s online brand, and the greatness (or otherwise) of your blog will have a big impact on your brand perception and reputation.

Launch promotions and promote activities

Got an activity coming up or a promotion to launch? Your blog is where you post all the juicy details, which you then share far and wide on social media.

There’s only so much you can put into a Facebook post or promo image. The rest goes on a landing page, with updates on your blog.

I hope I have managed to rekindle your interest and enthusiasm for your resort’s blogging efforts. I really hope so because proper blogging is essential to maxing out your resort’s bottom line.

A well maintained and engaging blog is the core of your online marketing efforts and the very beating heart of your public image and brand.

“What’s that, doc? Cardiac arrest? Bring out the defibrillator at once!”

So how’s your resort’s blog doing? Have you got a blog you’d like to share? Please leave a line in the comments.